Friday, 30 July 2010

MIllions of peaches

Well actually there is only the one jar but that's not how the song goes :o)

I am canning for the first time this year. I'd love to say it;s my own produce but I am sadly lacking a peach/nectarine/plum/apricot tree. So a trip to the market later I have a kitchen full of fruit. We are in soft fruit season here in Europe which is my favourite. Our policy of not buying stuff from further away than Italy if we can help it means that in winter I miss all my favourite fruits. So I am trying to put some up.

So far I have 4 small jars of strawberries, 3 large jars of nectarines, 1 large & 1 small jar of peaches, 3 large jars of plums and 2 small jars of apricots. Hopefully If I've done it right these babies will see me through til next summer. The only one I am worries about is the peaches as I didn't get as much syrup in there as I would have liked due to them being so darn juicy!

Today I have also made 2 jars of green tomato chutney, 1 jar of picked cucumber, 2 jars of pickled onions, 2 jar of raspberry jam and half a jar (yeah that really bugged me) of strawberry jam. Oh and baked 2 laves of bread. Yeah it's been a busy day in the kitchen for me. I would love to show you a pic of this vast sea of jars but I am bushed. So I'll check back in with a pic tomorrow :o)


  1. You have been busy! Looking forward to the pics :)

    I've been looking at home canning tomatoes (according to most places they seem to be the only safe thing to can without a canner), and would like to be brave enough to give it a go!

    I remember you saying you had bought a canner from the USA - if you don't mind my asking, how much did it cost and were you stung by customs?

  2. P.S. I'm up for the race to the first conker ;o)