Thursday, 22 July 2010

He's got style, a groovy style and a car that just won't stop.

Firstly let me just say thank you to you all for your kind comments. It's really nice to hear you like my ramblings :o) Also a quick hello to my new follower *waves*

Right then, today's post is brought to you by the letter S and the number 2 (I've come over all Sesame Street hehehe). The S is for sewing and the 2 is for the 2 tops I'm trying to make for Spadgersdottier. I say trying because it's been one of those days. Oh yes folks I am having a s****y day. My first email of the day was someone telling me that two of the items I deal with were wrong and 575 orders would need fixing. Great. Tomorrow is my last day for a week so I've got to get everything up to date and make sure those who are covering me know what they are doing. I personally find the last couple of days before a holiday really stressful for those 2 reasons. So it was a none stop day.

But the evening held for me the prospect of sewing and not much else. Firstly I put some rabbit in the oven to roast and then set down to sewing. I had decided to sew these 2 tops at the same time as they are identical and as I'm in no hurry to finish them it seemed like a good idea. However my sewing machine had other ideas. About half way through my first ever Hong Kong finishes the tension just went haywire. I ran scrap pieces of cotton through and everything was fine, I go back to the actual sewing and it's loopy thread heaven. After much faffing I tried my last thing which was putting the normal presser foot back on rather than the zipper one and suddenly it's fine. I have no idea if it's the foot that did this or not. But since I no longer wanted to throw George out of the window I figured I'd just roll with it.

Hong Kong finish not Phooey :o)

Right now all the Hong Kong finishes are done, the side seams are sewn together and the yokes are pieced. I have machine sewn the armhole binding on all 4 armholes and am sewing them down by hand as I get the feeling it was the thickness of the multiple layers that was throwing George off. I'll finished them another day now.

The rest of my evening involved a rabbit stew where after forever in the oven the potatoes were still like rock and every tiny bit of bone that slipped the net ended up in my bowl. As I said, a s****y day. The pluses are only one day left at work and the medicinal (large) portion of wild cherry cheesecake I had for my pudding.

Roll on 4:15 tomorrow afternoon.

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