Friday, 9 July 2010

The corset is done

I have fixed the corset!

Ages ago I bought a cheap corset, maybe £25, knowing that it couldn't be used for reduction purposes but I was hoping I could use it under strapless things. Now it worked but the boning used was the plastic kind and that combined with the less than sturdy construction meant that it bent in really uncomfortable ways. So we bought some flat steel boning, unpicked the bottom and swapped the boning and then stitched and bound the bottom again. Now it works fine.

Sorry for the gratuitous booby shot!

This will replace a strapless bra for me as I can no longer get those in my size. It means I can wear my favourite dress again. I've not been able to put this on in 4 years!

Isn't it pretty?!


  1. Ooh la la! Nice corset, and I love the pretty dress. :)

  2. It looks very nice. And it makes the dress look just perfect.