Tuesday, 20 July 2010

And then there were 9

I've lost a follower. I feel like a bad shepherd now. It has got me thinking a bit more about my blog though. I read blogs that are both subject specific and those that just ramble. Now I'm not really sure what mine does. I don't think I'm specific so clearly I fall into the rambling category. I know that I've been floundering about what I should write about and this has affected my writing style. I guess I'm scared of what you all think. I should just spew forth a stream of consciousness like I used to. Start waxing rhapsodical about rainbows and babbling about books. But I've been so influenced by the blogs I read that all I seem to talk about are tiny snippets of my day.

I guess it's not all that exciting.

So I think it's time to turn over a new blog leaf. Time to tune into the writer I know is inside me. Hang on folks, it's gonna get a little strange! :o)


  1. Just don't forget to still throw in day snippets, too - I like hearing about your baking and sewing and foraging and chickens and all that! :)

  2. Honey I love reading your blog, and I feel as if we are friends. I look forward to finding out what you are up to. So you keep writing your blog for yourself. That's what I do so that I can get all this junk out of my head

  3. Don't forget that you gained a follower recently ;)
    I too enjoy the snippets from your life very much - I love it that there is someone in my favourite country (I DO have a slight obsession with all things English!) who seems to be exactly on the same wave-lenght as me.
    Don't let it bother you so much that you lost a follower - do what feels right. It's your party and you can bake if you want to ;)
    Greetings from Germany,

  4. Ah but you've just gained another one, courtesy of Damn's blog,

  5. I love your blog. I love reading snippits about your day, about your sewing and knitting, the farm, your baking and your garden and all else you write. It's a great blog!