Wednesday, 28 July 2010

Revelations tops

Another one of the to do list, woot!

Today I have for your perusing pleasure the Revelations tops. I used the revolutions dress pattern I had already as a base and drafted these 2 tops for Spadgersdottier. The purple material is from a duvet cover, the pink is from curtains. Both were charity shop finds.

Now I'm not sure what went wrong with the first one but there was no overlap left for buttonholes. So a bit of creativity later a flaw was turned into a cute design feature

I used my new bias tape makers to make matching bias for the armholes

and also for the hong kong finishes I did on the seams.

As you can see the tension is a bit wonky on my machine. I really need to sort that! The pink one is exactly the same pattern.

This time the overlap was there (really what happened on the other one? How can an inch or more of material just disappear?!) I have made 2 bound button holes here. They're not the neatest things ever but they're not bad.

Both sets of buttons were chosen by Spadgersdottier herself. She has good taste that girl. Not quite got my button obsession but I'm working on it :o)


  1. Very cute daughter and very cute top.

  2. Oh I'm in awe of you - hong kong finishes and bound button holes! I never have the patience to make my stuff look that neat on the inside.
    The tops are really lovely! Lucky girl! :)
    I'm glad that I'm not the only one who suffers from sudden fabric-vanishing *g* You solved that problem charmingly.

  3. Aw, she's a little sweetie, isn't she?

    They are lovely tops - I like the ribbon button holes :)