Monday, 26 July 2010

Sunday's Sparrow

On Sunday when in the garden we heard a sparrow cheeping. This is not unusual as they are nesting in our roof but this one sounded really close. I'd just seen the momma sparrow fly off so we had a look around and sure enough there was a baby sparrow on the floor.

All the advice we could find said to put it back in the nest if you could (not possible), leave it somewhere safe for the momma to look after it (not likely with all the cats round here) or as a last resort take it in. So we did. We put him in a punnet full of rabbit bedding and went out to do a bit of shopping including buying meal worms for him. When we got home he had made his way off the table and into the kitchen. Man this bird had a death wish.

We put him and his punnet in the big crate we use for taking the rabbits to the vets as he couldn't get out of that one. With the aid of my sewing tweezers, a cocktail stick and my thumbnail me and Spadger managed to feed him a couple of worms over the next few hours. Unfortunately he didn't make it. But at least he wasn't mauled by cats on his way out. To complete the circle of life Spadger took his little body over to the wild area across from us. He will either be a meal or compost.

It's sad when the things you try to save don't survive.

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