Friday, 23 July 2010

Purple wrap pants

Another one off the to do list. Man I feel like I'm motoring now. People mocked my love of lists (Spadger I'm talking to you!) but they really work for me.

Today I am introducing the wrap shorts. I've owned Thai wrap pants for years. My first 3 pairs were actually from Thailand, bought from a lovely shop in Canterbury. I made a pair or red full length pants from a sheet a while ago and last summer I decided wrap shorts were a great idea. However I wanted to make them a bit less baggy in the crotch and instead made them so low rise they were unwearable. No one needs to see my butt cheeks :o) So they sat in the UFO pile for a year. Well this week I finally finished them. All I did was make a waistband for each side and reattached the ties. To make your own pants please check out this tutorial by Vegbee.

(Check out the lack of visible butt cheek!)

1 comment:

  1. They look very nice. I hope you have a great weekend.