Monday, 4 January 2010

Who watches the watchmen?

We do. That is why this is another post that should have been posted yesterday :o)

Phew, the first day back at work is over! Man going back to work is hard. You get so used to a more relaxed routine that the 7:20 alarm is a killer. I had the sense to make our lunch last night so this morning wasn't as stressed or rushed as usual. I'm gonna try and make that the norm. Work was ok but nothing has really changed. My outlook is exactly what it was before the holiday. I want my farm! However I brought everyone a chocolate chilli muffin and it was nice to see them all again. You can't put a price on getting on with your workmates. You're at work for a third of your day, spending it with people you don't like is awful.

Right now Spadger is stripping a pumpkin (ooh-er) so I can make pumpkin soup with rice. Nice and filling on these cold nights. We're forecast a week of temps at freezing or below and maybe as much as 11 inches of snow by Friday. Comfort food is definitely needed.

I intend to spend the evening tackling the mending pile once more. I find sewing more and more relaxing (despite the swearing that generally happens I really do find it relaxing). There is a great sense of achievement in having a completed garment or from saving something from the back of the wardrobe by tweaking it.

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