Saturday, 23 January 2010

Nature abhors a vacuum. And so do I.

So today is gonna be a busy day for all. Spadger has a greenhouse to build and I have a house to tidy. We've been a bit slack of late so it's a mighty job. In amongst this we have Spadgersdottier to entertain too.

All the washing up is done. I'm about to tackle the rest of the kitchen including the floor. I really hate scrubbing floors! Spadger has all the panels ready to go and is outside with Spadgersdottier now clearing the area for the greenhouse to live.

The outdoor workers called for tea so now they have that and one of my birthday buns. I have a mug of hot squash and I have 2 sides of the kitchen clean. I've even washed the back door! The amount of light that gets through clean glass is lovely.

The kitchen is clean. Yes it has really taken me this long! It is the worlds smallest kitchen (this many be an exaggeration, I take no responsibility for it's accuracy) which you think would make it easy to keep tidy. Instead it means 2 cups on the side make it seems untidy and it's really easy to think it's a big job to tidy so I don't have time right now. Here is a picture. No I didn't make it so small to make a point :o)

Click to see a bigger image

I took the 1st photo stood as far to the end of the kitchen as possible, The 2nd and 3rd I'm stood in the connecting doorway with my back pressed against the door and the cooker, the 4th leaning backwards over the sink and the 5th in the back doorway. I hope that gives you an idea of how small it is. Since we moved in Spadger has made a folding extension to the main sideboard which goes up in front of the back door, the tiny bit of sideboard that the bokashi bin sits on and added the 3 shelves. Without those we would be lost

After a quick trip out to buy more coffee beans and some popping corn I have finally finished cleaning the living room. I am a sewer which means the whole house eventually ends up covered in threads. The vacuum cleaner doesn't pick these up very easily. However I have just discovered an attachment on it which does. Huzzah. I have vacuumed, polished and tidied. I have never seen the downstairs looking so spotless. I have charged Spadger and Spadgersdottier not to mess it up on pain of death. I think they believe I am in earnest. I would like to give upstairs the same treatment but I need to make a start on tea. A couple of weeks ago Spadgersdottier decided for the second time that she wanted to be vegetarian. We have no problem with this but it means we are trying to introduce her to new foods. Tonight I am making curry as I know she likes that. I'll use vege mince as the main ingredient with plenty of peas and sweet corn. I'm than roasting some pumpkin for her to try and boiling some haricot beans as well. I'll keep these separate and then if she doesn't like them me and Spadger can have them and she wont have to fuss about picking them out.

So the pumpkin was a miss but the beans went down well. The curry was damn nice if I do say so myself. Spadger is busy making cheese. This is his second attempt and it seems to be working much better this time. I think this evening will involve a game of Scrabble and not much else. It's been quite I nice day today. Not sure when I hit a point that a days cleaning could be considered a good day. I wonder what this means :o)


  1. Well, that may be a tiny kitchen, but it sure is cute. :)

  2. I spent all day Saturday cleaning, washing too and today balancing the checkbook and paying bills...getting ready to do the taxes...sigh...and when David trudges in with his dirty boots...I just look at him. Your dinner sounded great.

  3. Thanks ladies. I gave a few of those looks myself this weekend AngelMC. Mostly at the house rabbits!

  4. That is a small kitchen! It's really nice, though.

    I've tagged you over on my blog, hope that you don't mind. :)