Friday, 1 January 2010

It's a New Year everyday

It's New Year's Day and there is snow falling from the sky. Only the tiniest amount but it is there. It's rained for the last couple of days and washed away all the snow we had so I'm happy to see new snowfall. In an ideal world we will be a foot deep in the stuff on the 16th. All I want for my birthday each year is snow. Being practically the dead centre of winter you would expect that to happen quite often but it doesn't.

Last night was a Blue Moon. Unfortunately this does not mean that the moon went blue. However it was a really clear night so I got some nice pics. I love taking pictures of the moon. Just a shame you always get the same side of it. Might have to get some traveling done and take moon shots then too :o)

Today is the day we are sorting out a couple of clothing patterns I bought. Well, I say we. Spadger is sorting them and then I'll sew them and then we'll make any more adjustments as they're needed. The sorting involved is doing a FBA to them. Bless clothing patterns and their being designed for a B cup bust. Man it's been a while since I was at that end of the alphabet! So we altered one of the dress patterns so I could make a dress for the Christmas do and it worked quite well. It wasn't totally right though so we're having another go. I want to get all the bodice patterns sorted so I can start knocking out some clothes. The plan is to have a pile of ready cut pieces so I can just make something when I feel like it. We'll see how that goes.

Before I go back to work I have one re-fashion I want to do as well. I have a green velvet skirt which the zip came out of that I want to turn into a dress. I'm gonna use the V where the zip was as a V neck, add straps to it, take the back in so it lays right and then either add some shirring to under the bust or put a ribbon on to tie it. Not decided that yet.

Spadger got the 2 different bodice pieces for the dress pattern done and then got bored. Can't say I blame him. Hopefully I can persuade him to do the top pattern tomorrow. I've embroidered our bread towel. Ok I know that sounds weird but you need a clean damp tea towel to cover rising bread with and we got lovely new tea towels of my Momma for Christmas as decided to set one aside for the bread so it doesn't get really grimy. So I've embroidered the word bread on it. Pics to come (yes I know you all really want to see it hehehe). I've also unpicked a duvet cover I got from a charity shop a while back. I'm making a sower curtain from it. More to come on that later. We're heading over to my Momma's in a bit for Dinner and to watch both parts of the Christmas Dr Who. Not having a tv is fine most of the time as there is the Iplayer for the very rare things we want to watch. However Dr Who should be given proper respect and good reception :o) I'll be taking a hanky as it's the end of David Tennant's run and I quite like him.

Lastly here is a pic of the soap at the moment. I got so eager to watch the film yesterday that I forgot to post the picture hehehehe

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