Saturday, 2 January 2010

The today that is now yesterday

Well today is proving to be quite productive. So far I've made a shower curtain out of one side of a single duvet cover I got at a charity shop for £3.00. I think I'm going to use the other half for a top. I've also made 1 loaf of bread and 6 bread buns.

I think I'm going to spend the rest of the day tackling the fixing pile. My sewing is broken down into 3 piles really. Stuff that needs fixing, stuff to be refashioned and material. I think if I can get rid of the fixing pile I might be able to fit everything into my sewing box!

Still going well :o) I've managed to sew the binding back on the bottom of a dress I made for Spadgersdottier, fixed a couple of split seams in the wrap pants and dashiki I made for Spadger (see this blog for the tutorials for both), sewed up the seam of a cardigan that has been ripped and badly hand sewn together many times since it first got ripped when I was about 17 and sewed a tie back on a skirt I'd made out of an old skirt. Yes most f the fixing pile is made up of my own bad sewing! But I am getting better. These are all my earlier attempts to make stuff. I now have on the pile a top that needs extending, 2 skirts that I don't like being elasticated, a bunch of vests that need the straps shortening, a dress I'm taking the sleeves off, a jumper that is too short which is becoming a cardigan, a pair of Spadgersdottier's jeans that need lengthening, a skirt which needs the side seams sewing (yes it's one of mine. My first skirt to be exact), a dress that needs the straps sewing on and one that needs shortening.

Phew, not much eh? The worst of it is I've just put everything back in the sewing box and it still doesn't fit!!!!!! Must sew more things hehehehe

Man have I been busy. I've made another loaf of bread and 3 garlic & herb baguette type things, a batch of mayonnaise, 2 batches of scallion scones, meatballs and potato wedges for tea and kept on top of the washing up whilst doing all that. During this time it's snowed and settled so me and Spadger are off for a walk and then home to watch Little Buddha.

oops, should have posted this yesterday now :o)

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  1. wow you have been in the world do you find the time? it's supposed to snow here thursday and i can't i'm not on call!!! i can't wait. i have big plans. look at the snow, take pictures of the snow, ride the atv in the snow....sigh.