Saturday, 30 January 2010

How many feet does one girl need?

The answer is many if they are for your sewing machine.

This morning I woke up with a throat full of sand and an ache in every joint. But we had stuff to do so up I got and made us bacon butties as we planned. The first job of the day was to go to Swillington Farm and sign up for a half share of their CSA. For the princely sum of £33.50 a month we get a veg box every week and the opportunity to go and volunteer in the garden their which will give us some valuable experience and much needed exercise. You do;t have to volunteer which is quite nice, but we would both like to. When they start it up again we want to join the goat CSA, which gives us raw unpasteurised milk and they are also doing a sheep one which basically entail us giving them a loan which they will pay back and give us 4% on top which is paid in meat. That one seems to have the smallest return for us but we see it as helping a local shepherd get a flock up and running and we get to go help out. All experience and helping the community, 2 things that are very important to us. They were also having a sale on their frozen meat due to a canceled farmer's market. We got a lot of meat for £10 and it's all organic too!

After this we headed into town to the market to get the last bits of meat we would need and our monthly eggs. We are trying out the whole menu planning thing at the moment so bulk buying is an important step. However we need to make sure what we buy actually makes the meals we've planned. It's an organizational challenge :o) We then headed to my favourite fabric stall to buy the material I need to make a wedding quilt for a couple of our friends who are getting married in April. I may have bitten off more than I can chew with this but we will see. After a bit of complicated math and a change of backing material we were all set. So we headed home.

Now what does all this have to do with feet I hear you ask. Well dear readers you have been patient so I will tell you. When we first arrived in town we headed to a little vintage/second hand place that had just opened. In there they had 2 Singer treadle powered sewing machines which they were using as part of the displays. They just had things draped on them and were kinda serving as tables. But they were intact and beautiful. In the drawers of one of them was a box of bits; feet, bobbins, thread etc. Spadger being the cheeky person he is went and asked them if they would be willing to sell the box. They said no as they were not for sale just part of the decor. I don't think they were lending much to the decor myself but I may be biased as I wanted them :o) So I felt a little sad that here was something I had been searching for and I couldn't have it but I thought "hey, you'll find them one day". One our way home we stopped at the local Poverty Aid which is a big charity warehouse so Spadger could look for shelving. Now they always have Singers in there but they are usually converted to electric. Still they have all their decals which mine is missing and I think they are beautiful so, I always have a look and a bit of a dribble. They had one that was hand cranked which also had a pile of feet with it. I pulled the 3 feet out and decided that now was the time to be cheeky myself. So I went and asked if I could buy just them. The young lad serving went to ask if this was ok and can back saying yes. I was ecstatic. However my joy was not complete. He said £2. I assumed £2 each which would be £6 and a total steal. Nope he meant £2 for them all!!!! Woot and wahey said I (internally of course, didn't want anyone to think I was nuts).

The feet I got as an adjustable hemming foot, a rolled hem foot and a felling foot. They are all types of hemming feet and are all very useful. I am soooo happy.

Tomorrow I intend to play with them all. Tonight though I am in the midst of making chicken and vegetable pie to be served with roasted beetroot, carrots and baked potatoes. I may feel like hell but I have had a great day :o)


  1. There is nothing like a Singer treadle sewing machine. My Mama sewed all my clothes on one. To me they symbolize pure unselfish love.

  2. Yay for serendipity, and also for asking!

  3. Your sewing machine is beautiful! I would love to own one like that :)

    I have an old hand cranked Singer that I'm dusting down and playing with this week - really looking forward to it.