Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Valentines socks

Tonight is sock club. I'm teaching a couple of my friends to knit socks. Now lets ignore the fact that I have never actually knitted a pair of socks. I do know the theory and basic socks are no harder than anything else. I plan on offering people basis socks or a pattern out of my stash. I'm going ot be doing something al ittle more interesting than basic sock as I plan on combining them with my first Nerd Wars project.

Challenge (Team Spirit): VALENTINE'S DAY
I must knit something for my favourite BtVS character. Clearly this is Spike. I think a nice pair of socks would be much appreciated. The pattern I wanted to use is a toe up sock so that is no good. I want to work cuff down like everyone else so I can show them the basics. I think I'm going to make the Vampire Boyfriend socks. They will definitely be stretching my skills (cables eep!) and as I'm not in a team at the mo if I don't get them done it's no biggie. The vampire connection and the hearts make them a perfect pattern for the challenge. Plus they are socks I will wear. What? We all know Spike isn't really going to come round for them as much as I wish so I'd best make something I'll wear.


  1. Good luck with the sock knitting!
    (I love Spike)

    megan x

  2. Do we get to see the finished socks?