Thursday, 17 February 2011

Eco Quilt - blocks 2 and 3

Ok so I fell waaaay behind with this. The knitting and spinning has taken over my life. But I forced myself to get back on track and made 2 blocks from scratch in one night.

Block two's theme is the ties that bind us. Most people have gone for family and friend and love, those kind of things. I've gone for memories. I'm one of those folks who spend a lot of time in the past and my memories are sometimes more vivid than my present. This block is made from white fabric from a random source, red from a remnants shop in the city I went to university at and green from the first item of clothing I tried to sew and failed in my first year of uni. I started cutting the diamonds while still at uni, I was going to make a harlequin bag. But it never happened and many of them got lost. I cut a load more for this block and kept them just as wonky as the originals to keep the stars all kinds of lopsided as they would have been had I been sewing with the original diamonds.

The 3rd block title is K.I.S.S. Keep It Simple Stupid. I decided to go for a simple pin wheel block. The floral fabric is leftover from a dress I made to wear to a friend's wedding, the red is left over from my Lady Grey coat. They don't quite meet right in the middle but it's not too bad.

AS with the 1st block I've managed to make these 2 a little big again. I'm gonna leave them for the moment. If all my blocks end up this size I'll just adjust the border strips to match when piecing it together.

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  1. Lovely! I recognise both the fabrics in the last block :o)

    Its great to have a story to each section. I SO love this idea!