Tuesday, 8 February 2011

My dad always said that there's 24 usable hours in every day

However I'm not wired on drugs and have to sleep for up to 8 of those. I also have to go to work for 8 of them and am usually in the building for 8 and a quarter. The travel to and from work takes about 1 hour in total and the getting ready for work takes about 45 mins. That leaves me with 6 hours and mins to do stuff. Now lets say that there is at least 1 hour of that taken up by making and eating the evening meal. That puts me down to 5. 5 hours to do everything that needs to be done to look after a home and all the things I would like to do. 5 hours to fit in baking, knitting, spinning, sewing, photography, jewellery. 5 measly hours. Either someone needs to add some extra hours into the day or I need to find a way to work less.


  1. I wish I could function on 4 or 5 hours sleep a night. It would make life easier and so much better to fit in the nice stuff! (Either that or not work so much...hmmmm....wonder how I can do that one?!)


  2. Thats a sobering thought when you think about it.... so much wasted time at sodding work or sleeping!

  3. Margaret Thatcher used to function on 4 hours sleep a night.
    Let that be a warning to you!