Thursday, 3 February 2011

Valentines Socks update

I started the socks last night. My first cables. As with any new project I had to start it over at least once. I should have really frogged and started over twice but I decided the mistakes were minimal and no one would notice but me. Purling round a corner seems to be an issue for me. Heck I still struggle a little with the Purl stitch at the best of times.

So second attempt in and I decided that the "proper" cable needle was not working for me. I don't really hold my needles very flat which meant it kept slipping out of my stitches. So I substituted a 5mm wooden dpn. Large and grabby, the stitches were going nowhere.

I've completed the 9 rounds that make up the ribbing. Next I start on the patterning for the heart cables that run down the leg. I think I'll be adapting the pattern by making it shorter in the leg as I only really want ankle socks. But this should be pretty easy as it is just a pattern repeat. As long as I stop on the same row of the pattern chart as the instructions call for I should be fine. I'm actually feeling fairly confident about this. However it may mean that this is the only NW project I manage. I'd like to do some others (posts coming up on those) but I'm not sure if I'll have the time. I guess I should start them though as the whole point of NW was to make me push myself.

I was mighty pleased to hear from you other Spike aficionados. Glad it's not just me. (Bless Spadger for putting up with my teenage lustings :oD) Just for you guys here is a little pic of happiness


  1. Thank you for sharing the Spike picture. But you owe me a new keyboard - I just drooled all over this one. ;)

  2. Yumminess! Spike will always be my fist (undead) love, even though at the moment he is somewhat displaced by an undead viking... ;)

  3. Hehehe broken keyboard. Oops. I'm sure if you ask nicely Spike would come fix it ;o)

    Katja: I am all for said undead viking but only from the books. Stellan Skarsgard does nothing for me at all.

  4. Is it just me, but whats cables??

  5. That may be because STELLAN is past 50 and Alexander's father ;)

    You like the books? At first I did too, but I'm not going to read further (I got a box-set with books 1-9). By now I'm fairly disgusted, to be honest.

    I really look forward to the next True Blood season! While I do like Skarsgard as Eric, Pam is my favourite character of the series. I LOVE her to death (pun intended) ;)

  6. Darn I meant Alexander but I knew Stellan's name!

    The books are no effort books I think. Great for when I really cannot be bothered. I think I prefer the Eric of the books simply because I've never been one for blonds. Also not having a TV does mean I've never really got into the series.

  7. Oh yes, thank you for sharing that Spike photo! He was definitely the highlight of so many Buffy episodes watched on the computer as a student :o)

    PS I've just found your blog through your comments at Cold Antler Farm, but I'm sure I've seen you commenting astutely on the Guardian online as well before. Glad to have found you!