Thursday, 24 February 2011

Almost there

Ok so sorry for the down post yesterday. I'm not feeling much better today to be honest but I'm trying to be objective. Last minute rehearsal last night revealed several people still struggling with lines. Some more so than others. One in particular! Two of the main ones struggling are the ones who my lines tend to follow so I'm failing as my cues aren't there. Dress rehearsal tonight so we'll see how they do when they can't come out of character and have to muddle through (if they can manage that!).

I have big plans to do nothing on Saturday. Not even go to the farm. As much as I love it I want a relaxing day doing nothing of importance to anyone but me. Selfish I know but I've done so little recently that I've enjoyed or that was only for me. I want to finish my sock. I'd like to do some spinning. I'd like to make some kind of pudding for me and Spadger and sit down and enjoy it. I want to drink the bottle of wine someone bought me as a thank you for fixing their hat (sharing obviously). I want to relax.


  1. Good luck with the play. What are you doing?

    I have just read 'An Inspector Calls' by JB Priestly again. Its fab!

    A weekend of doing things just for you isnt selfish, not when you spend so much time doing other things. Its ( to use my school's phrase) 'looking after your wellbeing' and everyone needs that space to relax at certain times.

    Enjoy it and dont feel guilty!!


  2. Deffo make time to take some time out for yourself. Its necessary every now and again to recharge the batteries and maintain some kind of sanity. x