Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Prime Scoobies

Challenge (Intellectual): PRIME NUMBERS
Your challenge is to demonstrate prime numbers in a project. For example, it could be a prime number of yards (be prepared to show your work on how this was determined), a prime number of colors, or shapes that have a prime number of corners (triangles, pentagons, etc.). These are examples only - think creatively!

Ok so I started my Prime Numbers Challenge yesterday. I needed something easy to knit during the play I am in (yes my character is knitting. It's not like I just want to squeeze in some extra knitting time). So I pondered how I could fit this into the Nerd Wars challenges. Ah ha! I will knit a little phone cozy. How does this fit in with the above challenge? I've cast on a prime number of stitches (31). I'm going to knit a prime number of rows. I'm doing it in moss stitch which is a new one for me. Looks quite nice so far. To tie it into my (future) team I've chose a wool that makes me think of tweed in honour of Giles. I think he would like something tweedy to hide the modern technology that is the phone.

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