Monday, 8 March 2010

100th post and nothing important to say

Hey constant readers. Sorry I've been AWOl. It's a combination of 2 things. The first is my work has recently had a bit of a shake up with their Internet policy which means I can't log into Blogger anymore. I used to start my posts at work, writing as and when the muse came. Now I can't do this I have a tendency to forget what I wanted to say. The other thing is with this being the 100th post I wanted to say something of importance.

Ah well.

So It's been quite steady since we last spoke. Life continues on here at a steady pace. Me and Spadger become a little more desperate to leave the work we currently do and a little more eager to have the farm. We've spent some time at Swillington and it's been great. I had a terrible moment of Barnheart on Saturday when we were there. We were the last ones and as I was taking the tools back to the shed all I could hear was the chickens clucking and the goats and sheep baaing. The sun was setting behind the trees and I could see Spadger taking a wheelbarrow of weeks to the dump and Spadgersdottier taking the random Jerusalem artichokes we found to the veg shed. I wanted this to be my farm so very badly I could feel the barn creaking in my heart. Going to work today was a terrible let down.

There isn't a lot else to talk about. I've not sewn anything new (though I am fighting with a piece of blue gingham at the moment) or baked anything exciting. So the 100th post can slip by almost unnoticed I think. Maybe that's not a bad thing. Maybe the momentous occasions are marked by smaller signs than special numbers.


  1. That's plenty important enough! Congrats on your century and a sympathetic squeeze for your case of the barnheart.

  2. I can relate to work being a letdown. I spent all day Sunday making maple syrup the old-fashioned way with some friends of mine - boiling sugar maple sap for hours and hours over an open fire in a homemade contraption made of cinder blocks. Oh to be able to do things like THAT full time, instead of answering telephones for an ad agency. It's just so much more meaningful. Sigh. :)