Thursday, 25 March 2010

The poetry in our veins

Ooh it's a proper English spring day today. It was a mighty 10 degrees when we left for work and there is a light misty rain happening. All the buds have got water droplets on them. Days like this always make me want to be out with my camera. In fact days like this I'm inspired by almost everything. I nearly bumped into one of the guys from downstairs at work and I would have given anything to have been able to have captured his face. He looked like a startled waif just for that millisecond. Days like this bring out my inner poet. It's a day meant for wandering down little back streets and along riverbanks. For looking up at mighty pieces of architecture and down at the bugs in the grass. For looking at the flaws in people's faces and understanding that this is where their beauty lies. Days to feel wonder and to be appreciative of your soul.

Ah I love days like these.

I intend to go home tonight and try to capture some of that poetry. There is the dress I started yesterday to make, I may do some wire work as well. If I want to get my Folksy shop up and running next week I should probably review what I have made already and look at making some more. Anyone have any tips for getting the word about my shop out there?

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  1. That's a good question! I have been looking at ETSY and there are thousands of 'shops' there and I was wondering the same. Obviously you could link to it in the sidebar of your blog, and get the other half to link to it on his blog, too ;o)

    Other than that, no ideas, I'm afraid! Will be interested if you do hit on anything else as thinking about starting up *something* myself at some point!