Tuesday, 30 March 2010

drip drip drop

Today stared as a proper holiday day. I didn't get up with Spadger which always leaves me feeling faintly guilty. I woke up properly at half nine and made myself a big pot of coffee and some breakfast. I finally got out of bed at half ten. I've been relaxed but productive so far. I put on one of my favourite films which is one Spadger won't watch, Keeping The Faith, and embroidered the tag to go on a wedding present I'm making. I'm about to start re-cutting the front piece to a dress I'm trying to make. I think I made a catastrophic mistake by doing an FBA on the pattern which is hilarious considering most patterns really need one to go around the girls. So I'm cutting the front piece again just straight from the pattern this time. Praise be for the vast amount of material in duvet covers. Looking at the time I should probably make a start on tea soon but we'll see.

Well it looks like the dress really didn't need an FBA at all. I can't really tell if it's quite right yet without sewing the ties onto it. Since that is the last step I'm gonna baste some on tomorrow as a test run. Eep indeed.

Right now it is raining giant poodles and saber toothed tigers, not just the little rain we've had for the last 2 days. It's a good job I wasn't planning on going anywhere this week. I do have some pea seedling to plant out though so a break in the weather would be really nice. Maybe even a few of these :o)

My plan for the rest of the evening is to copy some patchwork block instructions so I can make them all at some point. I need to do this now as the book is due back at the library on Thursday and I can't renew them again. Not the most thrilling of evenings but it needs doing.

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