Tuesday, 23 February 2010

more material than you can shake a stick at.

Well I am home from work, had a fab cuppa made by Spadger and am about to start sewing the final block in my quilt. Hopefully I'll be back with a pic for you later. I hope my evening goes a little better than my day. I managed to throw a couple of very full and heavy lever arch files at myself today. It's ok, I caught them with my chin!!! No bleeding so I call that a win. I have 2 tiny little cuts to show for it but man it hurt :o(

The quilt top is finished. However dear reader there is no picture yet. This is because Spadger pointed out that the recipient may read this blog. So it's a secret til it's been given. Quilt, what quilt?

I only made one mistake during the whole sewing and it was easily done. I ironed the strips in the wrong order so consequently sewed 2 strips in the wrong place as they were the same length. So my errors in this mammoth (80x80 inch roughly) project have been 1 miscalculation that actually worked in my favour, 2 incorrect lines of sewing and only 1 broken needle. I also only stabbed myself with a pin once. All in all pretty good. All that is left is sewing it all together, binding it and the actual quilting. This will all begin on Saturday after I get to go shopping. Now I'm going to have a wee drinkie as my back is killing from too much pinning and cutting at a table that is too low.

So quilt, what quilt? :o)

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