Sunday, 28 March 2010

The path to success

Man I ache! Yesterday was spent at the farm as is becoming the Saturday routine. It was their first official volunteer day so there were high hopes for lots of folk turning up. We got there earlier than normal, about half nine. One of the jobs on the list was path construction. This seemed like an all day job and one that people only coming for a little while probably wouldn't want to do. So we cracked on with it. Laying the path involved cutting straight edges, weeding and digging up any intrusive bricks, laying brick edges to keep it neat, leveling the ground and then pouring a couple of inches of road scrapings followed by a couple of inches of bark chips. It took me and Spadger all day to do the area we had set out to finish. We were helped out by a lovely young lad by the fabulous name of George who works there every Saturday. It took about 6 and a half hours to do and was darn had work. But there is an immense feeling of satisfaction at the end of completing a job. Here are a few pics of the path work.

Sunday was spent ironing which is one of my least favourite jobs. But it needed doing. We went round to a friends for dinner that evening and watched (500) days of summer which is quite a quirky story about love. Not to be mistaken for a love story.

Today marks the first of my days off. So far I've been into town and exchanged my new sports bra for one that I can actually get on. Now I'm sat watching the rain and trying to decide what to do first. I think there might have to be another cuppa before I can realistically make that decision :o)

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  1. That all sounds (and looks) like very hard work! I think I would need a six day lay down after six hours of that! I bet that next day ache also came with the feeling of immense satisfaction of a good job done!

    The path does look good :o)