Friday, 19 March 2010

That spring activity

Firstly let me say sorry for the sporadic blogs. Since I can no longer get on Blogger at work my little bits of writing throughout the day have been curtailed. I'm so busy doing the stuff I write about on an evening that I have no time to write about it. But I have just learned that I can get onto my email. So I can write myself an email which contains my blog and then quickly post it for you guys when I get home.


So this years Vernal Equinox takes place in the UK at 17:32 tomorrow. I'm gonna try and do something suitably Spring-y to celebrate. For me Spring has really sprung with a vengeance this year. All I want to do it be out in the garden or at the farm followed by much cooking and then maybe some crafting with floral fabric!

We are on tenterhooks waiting for seedlings to germinate. I have no idea how long these things take but both me and Spadger are like children on Christmas eve just waiting for everything to pop. I swear he's in the greenhouse every 10 mins when he can! It will soon be time to pull up the overwintering onions and garlic we planted. Spadger thinks that they won't have grown much as there isn't a great deal of ground disturbance round them. I think they have a month to go so hopefully with the warmer weather they'll put on a last spurt. Even if they haven't grown much I won't see it as a total disaster. We've had one of the worst winters since I was born so it's good that we get to see what happens in bad weather. Better to find out how hardy they are now than having several years to great harvests and then being devastated by a harsh winter!

On the cooking front I am eager for the summer berries to start coming in. I dream of crumbles and tarts and muffins. Hopefully this year I will get enough blueberries for a whole batch of blueberry muffins :o) I'm also looking forward to learning more about preserving our harvest to last through the winter. We want to try to get away from the freezer as much as possible so I think there will be much canning this year. I'd like to have a go at bottling some fruit as well so there are berries over winter.

Craft wise I am trying to make my way through the patterns I have bought and doing FBAs on them all. The plan after I have done that and made a test one to check it is to cut out the material ready and put it in my folder so I have things ready to sew whenever I fee the need. Cutting things out is a pain so if I can get plenty of that out of the way I will be a happy bunny. I'd also like to get my Folksy store up and running. I do have an Etsy one but I've never really gotten going with that as I have to do everything in USD and that just messes with my head. Folksy is UK based so I can manage a bit better. I plan to try selling anything and everything I make from Hair toys and Jewellery to little monsters, bags and scarves. Whatever I feel like crafting. Hopefully that will make a little extra cash to go into the farm fund.

I feel so full of life in spring. It's light when I wake up (sometime I even wake up before my alarm) and the day is longer which means I can get more done. Things are growing and all the animals are twitterpated. I love the changing seasons. Autumn will always be my favourite but spring comes a close second.

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  1. The weather over here is very nice too...springy. I love fall,winter and spring, but I just about can no longer take the terrific heat that we have here in Mississippi. You would love to meet one of my co-workers, they have a small farm and raise just about everything that they eat..veggies and meat.
    I grew up that way too--sorta--we raised all our vegetables. And I never want to go back to working in a garden...