Wednesday, 18 August 2010

A usual day

I thought I would do a mini day in my life post today. No this won't be that interesting as my day job does not involve anything breathtaking. But I realised that I only ever do these posts when I am on holiday which is not that rounded a view really.

So here we go.

My day started quite well. I got out of bed when the alarm went off for the second time without Spadger having to push me. In fact I got up before him. Got dressed and put my hair in Odango. I headed downstairs, put on my wellies and set the kettle to boil. I then let the chickens out and scattered their scratch grains for the day. On my way back to the kitchen I took a few photos of one of the courgette flowers.

I think gourd flowers of any kind are my favourite vegetable flower. They are just so pretty. By this point the kettle has boiled so I put the coffee on to brew. Next was hanging out the washing. It's been lovely these last 2 days so you can guarantee that it will rain today now I have washing to hang. Ah well, it can't really get any wetter than it is now. I came in and fed/watered the bunnies and then realised I needed to fill one of the chicken water founts. So back outside for me. While I'm doing all this Spadger has got up and is making sandwiches and breakfast. I scoff down a couple of slices of homemade toast and raspberry jam and a lovely mug of coffee. I do love coffee. Usually I read a book while I eat breakfast and currently I'm reading Rama II by Arthur C Clarke. It's been quite a while since I read the first one but I am still enjoying it. Instead of continuing to read after I'd eaten until we leave like I normally do I decided to utilise the time marking seam lines on my costume. I got through 3 out of the 4 pocket pieces so that's a tiny load off tonight's list.

At about 7:45 we set off for work. 8:15 sees me at my desk. This is where all the excitement of the days ends for the moment.

Right then it's lunch time. My day job is in marketing print. The company I work for produces things like menus and posters, booklets, forms, business cards and letterheads. That sort of thing. I'm an admin bod, was employed for dull data input type things. This is exactly what I wanted as no job is really going to make me happy now that I want my farm. Unfortunately, as is the way these days, I now have a lot more responsibility than I wanted. I do the day to day ordering of all the forms, letterhead, business cards etc for a nationwide chain of care homes. It's not a bad job really. It does have a tendency to be either really quiet or mad busy. This week has been mad busy. It seems I get one email dealt with and I have 4 more, plus faxed orders and a ton of quotes to sort out. Needless to say I'm a bit exhausted from it. Ah well, makes me appreciate the madness of getting my costume done.

It's moments like this that make me really dislike my job. I've just had to go make a coffee for everyone in the office because I needed a moment on my own to calm down. Grr says I.

Once I got home form work I set too making the evening meal. I made a kind of spicy stew using left over sausages, beans and tomatoes.

I also made tiny dumplings. They were fab! Before I could get started though Spadger hollered me to come take some pics of a spider in the greenhouse. You'll have to forgive me that it is of the back of the spider. There was no way was I crawling under the connecting strand of his web. You know he would have ended up on my head. *shudder*

Then it was time to crack on with the sewing. I managed to get my dress done by about 9 ish. Now the darts are still a little bit, erm, nipply. But I'm going to blame my tools here. Or lack of them. I really need a tailors ham to press darts properly . I'm working with a tightly rolled towel at the moment which isn't great. I think after a wash and a really good press it will be better. But quite frankly I've run out of time to be pickier about it. The red coat will cover the worst of it I think. It is still a wearable dress. The zip went in nicely. I'll try and get some better pictures.

Please ignore my vacant expression

and ignore my hair

also ignore the fact that it needs an iron and the skirt portion is see through. I will be wearing a petticoat.

Once that was done I made a tunic for Spadger and a peasant cap. They're not great but they'll do.

So now it is 00:37 and I'm off to bed. Hope you enjoyed my day. How was yours?

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  1. love the dress - may have to steal your 'day in the life of too' one day - maybe a day when I am doing something particularly exciting.