Tuesday, 17 August 2010

Little Red Riding Hood

A few months ago one of my friends mentioned that she was thinking of setting up an amateur dramatics group in her area. I said I would love to be part of it, thinking more wardrobe mistress than anything else. But as we are a new company we currently don't have many members. So it is all hands on deck for performing. On Saturday we are performing Red Riding Hood in 10 mins in the theatre tent at the Unity Day celebrations which are held every year. I'm playing Red Riding Hood. Yeah, not a small part!

This week is a mess of learning lines, rehearsals, making costumes, collecting props and generally panicking.

For my costume I will be using Vogue 8615. I have made a muslin which I am using as my pattern. I'm not 100% happy with the darts but I think the residual pointyness was due to me trying to press them down. Gertie recommends slashing and trimming such big darts like this. I think this will allow me to press the tip of the dart better. Going to have to improvise a tailors ham though as I haven't made mine yet. I'm shortening the skirt to just at my knee and will have a petticoat underneath. I'm making it in white and if I get time I'm gonna try putting some red piping at the waist seam. We'll see though. I decided that I'm not just making it for a costume so I've done pockets and everything. I know I'm on a timescale but I plan on wearing it after so I thought I'd best do it properly.

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  1. Love to see some pictures when it's finished! :)