Sunday, 29 August 2010

A bowl full of forage

Ok so We've just got back from a bit of foraging (yes I am ware I should be sewing hehehe). We got blackberries, elderberries and plums, both red and yellow. I have no idea how many of each as they've not been weighed yet. I am in the middle of making jam from the last lot of plums we foraged.

Pics to come of all this soon when I get chance I promise!

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  1. mhh, plums! tasty!

    *pweh* Our wood stove has been burning away the whole morning - but I have a lot to show for: 10 jars of nectarine jam, 4 jars of mirabelle jam and two large jars of elderberry sirup.

    It gets easier every year, today even I managed to clean my kitchen while preserving, that's a first. Usually it looks like a bomb detonated in it... (and this all after staying up until 1 in the morning watching True Blood *g*)

    Do you have a bad year too when it comes to fruit? All our fruit trees and bushes are pretty empty, and the fruit that is there is rotting on the tree before it is even ripe. Darn rain :(

    I'm looking forward to your pictures!