Friday, 6 August 2010

Simplicity 4127

AS mentioned in my earlier post I was working on a top. It is finished! Introducing Simplicity 4127.

Yeah I didn't want to smile

This is my second attempt at this top and it's gone much better. The pattern still needs a little tweaking but only a little.

The biggest problem I have with this style of top is it hanging wrong off the girls and making me look much large of waist than I am. I am a proper hourglass and I am coming to see that an empire line isn't as flattering as I once though.

I intended to drop the back much lower than this and made it a really sharp V as I did on the first version but that didn't seem to happen. However it is much lower than the pattern originally intends.

The only flaws with is as far as I am concerned are that the straps are not central over my bra straps, the horizontal bust dark is slightly puckered and I had to pinch a little extra off the side seams at the last minute. I should have taken the whole thing apart to do that neatly but didn't bother. My zips still need some work as they pucker a little but I think this is caused by the alterations I make with an FBA and what that does to the pattern pieces. All in all I'm really happy with it.

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