Friday, 6 August 2010

26 days and counting

Ok so I've woken up this morning and realised that there are only 26 days until the first of September. This means if I really want to manage my SSS pledge without wimping out too much I could do with sewing 1 item of clothing a day for the rest of the month. Ha! In fact hahahahahaha. Ok hysterical moment over.

I was discussing this with Spadger this morning. He was all "but you've sewn loads of stuff already". This is true. But most of them are on the fixing pile either because they need tweaking or I'm just not happy with them now my skill has improved a little.

So I think to alleviate the panic I'm going to have to re-visit the pile of doom and do all the little things. This should lead to a fairly sizable start to SSS.

I've cut out the above dress pattern and a quick hold it up against me makes me think I can sew this one with no adjustments. Looking at the measurements on the bodice piece it should fit. This is one of those patterns that has several cup sizes and while it is a D (man I haven't seen a D cup in so long!) the measurements match which is the important thing. So I might have a go at that this weekend if I can fit it in. I plan to leave the sleeves off on at least one version of it as I am far too warm a person to need sleeves til November!

Tonight I'm going to finish the top I've been working on (above). I had a flid last night and decided that it made me look 9 months gone but I think that might have been an exaggeration. I'm going to withhold judgement til I've finished it.

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  1. I'm thinking of braving SMS too!
    The Vogue dress is a corker, I made it and wore it to death last winter. Can't wait to see how yours turns out!