Sunday, 6 June 2010

Day of rest?

Isn't Sunday supposed to be the day of rest? It doesn't seem to be here. We work Monday to Friday, Saturday is spent at the farm or working on our own garden and Sunday seems to be the day of cleaning and baking. So much so that for the last few weeks Spadger has been taking Spadgersdottier home on his own. There is just too much to do for me to be a passenger in a car for 3 hours.

Right now I have just take a pie out of the oven (leftover cabbage and rabbit since you asked), there are 2 batches of bread on the oven top rising, I could do with making some muffins, the kitchen floor really needs cleaning and I have a hat to sew tonight and should really get started on a dress I'm making for my friend S~. Not much then.

Hat = finished, banana and sunflower seed muffins = finished but slightly over cooked due to finishing hat, bread = rising nicely.

Next step is to make another batch of muffins, different flavour this time and to clean the kitchen floor. By the time I've done that the bread should be ready for shaping.

the rhubarb muffins became a loaf which is now done. The bread is on it's second rise. I've vacuumed the kitchen floor but not scrubbed it. Frankly I can't be bothered right now. All that is left is for the bread to go in the oven and there are 2 lots so that is still a bit of time yet before I am done. However other things can be done during cooking time. Serious stuff, like watching Family Guy. I'm tired dude and just want to crash with some televisual rubbish. Not having a tv puts a dampener on that. I only miss the telly when I'm really tired and just want something to occupy my brain without me having to actually think. So DVD time it is.

There have been a few other interesting things in my kitchen of late. Here you can see the last batch of failed yoghurt. This time it all thickened but the texture was off. Usually when you stick your finger in a pot of yoghurt it sticks, this didn't. I looked it up and I think I know what I did wrong. All the instructions tell you to heat your milk to 185 ish and then cool it to 120. The only reason for this that I could see was to make sure any nasties had been killed. Seen as I'm making it with store bought pasteurized stuff that didn't seem necessary. Actually the heat denaturalizes the milk so it will become yoghurt. Who knew! So I am turning the whole lot into labna which is a kind of really thick yogurt, almost cheese.

Behind the picture of the pie you can see a pink silicone mold. This currently has a batch of soap in it. This is the second one I have made this week. The first was half olive oil half coconut oil which is for me, this batch is pure olive oil which is for Spadger. I like the silicone molds as you don't need to grease them either for soap making or indeed cooking. I'm not a fan of the loaf tin for baking as it's so flexible it's really easy to spill stuff over yourself while trying to get it to the oven. It is now my favourite soap mold.

As you can see below, I have a few other silicone molds that I use. Aren't they pretty?

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  1. You will be the solid farm wife back bone that has been key to every farm I have known!