Sunday, 30 May 2010

What can I make with these?

Today is a day of making stuff with leftovers. So far I have made a quiche with some of the (many) eggs we were got from the farm and a leek leftover from last week's share.

With the leftover pastry from that I have made 4 jam tarts. The jam is homemade from blackberries gathered at the canal side.

I am also having a go at sorbet for the first time. I had half a melon which had found it's way to the back of the fridge and 3 black bananas. It was really important to me to use these up as both have had to travel to get her. The melon is from Spain which isn't too far. I refuse to buy them when they are travelling further than Europe. The bananas are from far far away. I can't abide waste and would be horrified with myself if I wasted stuff that has also had to come so far. They are now all blended and in the freezer. We don't have an ice cream maker so I'll be getting it out in a bit and whisking the hell out of it!!! :o)

And now for a totally unrelated pic. Our first pea flower!! I've finally caught up to BrightandNew :o)

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