Monday, 28 June 2010


This weekend was Woolfest. This is my first trip to the fibre festival and it was a wonderful experience. The trip was organised by my local wool shop as a celebration of their 1st birthday. Happy birthday Baaramewe. They run a knit night every Thursday which I used to go to with S~ every week. However since she stopped being able to go I've not been either. I really should start going again and think I will do as part of my to do list. It will give me dedicated time to get through the knitted portion of the list :o) The last time I went I was knitting a top for myself but that is not a suitable project for public knitting. There is so much counting involved that I really can't socialise at the same time. It would be the perfect time to do Spadger's cardigan as it's just garter stitch.

Pretty baby cardigan

Anyhoo, back to Woolfest. There was a lot of fibre in a more raw state than I can use. Everything from fleeces to roving. Now I don't really have time for any more crafts so spinning and felting are out. However my Momma bought me a peg loom so weaving is now on the cards. I made a picture frame loom ages ago but found that really cumbersome. The peg loom looks much easier to use. My first project on it is going to be weaving a strap for Spadgersdottier's birthday present from her dad. I should really do a plain one but I'm never happy with that so I've found some patterns already :o)

Needles in every size and length

The first stall we stopped at was one offering patterns for a donation. The cause was medicins sans frontieres. Organisations like this and doctors without borders have my utmost respect. I picked up 3 patterns, made a donation and took a pic of this very cheerful lady working the stall. She seemed very pleased to be asked for a pic

"No one loves me because I'm not a sheep"

"I say Jeff look at that!"

I splashed out for myself on a skein of hand spun wool. It's merino, yak, soy and sparkle. These are the kind of things I look at but don;t buy as I can't justify them. But Woolfest was all about frippery for me. I also bought 2 really large skeins of undyed Blue Faced Leicester which I want to have a go at hand dying. With that in mind I bought 2 mordants. And, since I have a mad love affaire with buttons I bought some lovely floral ones. My Momma also splashed out on some buttons for me. We were at a vintage stall and I was having a good rummage around. I adore buttons and some old ones are truly lovely. Now as a general rule vintage buttons are well out of my price range but I do like to have a look just to see the pretties. My Momma tried to be sneaky and buy me one set that I fell in love with but it's hard to sneak up to the sales people when you're wearing a bright pink dress. They are circa 1890-1910 and were £18. Aren't they stunning? I think I'm going to save these to go on a really nice coat once I'm skilled enough to make one. They look like nice coat buttons.

This is an Angora goat. Yeah I thought sheep too.

There were lots of animals there. Sheep in every flavour, angora goats, angora rabbits and alpacas. I love alpacas!!! However despite my love of all things goaty I do not like angora goats. I mistook it for a sheep. It was only when Momma pointed out the ears I realised it really was a goat. Goats should look like goats!

Angora bunny

Smile for the camera

Isn't this a face you can love? Alpacas are just the most adorable things, even without their fur.

Basket weaving

Fluffy roving

And some more

Roving balls!

One more alpaca, just because :o)

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