Wednesday, 23 June 2010

My love of lists

I am the kind of person who works best when there is a list. I like to be able to tick things off when they are done. A nice neat pile of things to do on my desk at work is the equivalent joy. If I am really busy I will get sidetracked really easy without a list. This is the reason I have got sewing apathy at the moment. There is so much I want to do that I just can't get started with anything. So I think I'm gonna go through my sewing box and write myself a list of things to do. Ideally I'll write it out in the order I want to tackle them.

There are items for me, Spadgersdottier, Spadger, 2 little girls I know A~ and R~ who are going to be the recipients of many stash busting items and I might even get a head start on Christmas.

Now as much as I like lists I am also the mistress of working under pressure at the last minute. Without the pressure I can get sidetracked (again) and then end up doing things at the last minute even though I had loads of time. Procrastination is an evil thing!

So a list it is. I might see if I can wedge it into blogger somewhere so you can all see my progress and prod me when I start slacking. Virtual sticks make me work hehehehe

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