Friday, 25 June 2010

The to do list is go

Did you see the list? Oh yeah baby. I know I am incredibly sad for loving lists so much but they definitely give me a sense of purpose. What is there is only what I could think of off the top of my head. I will need to have a good rummage around the sewing boxes to get a few more ideas. I haven't put them in any order, that was just too complicated. I did however go and learn the CSS required to make them the pretty colours you see. Feeling quite proud of that.

Currently there are only sewing projects up there. I do intend to post knitting projects and jewellery ones as well. I've been really lax with my jewellery lately. I think this is because I can't sell anything til I have everything set up for photos. I was rather intimidated by the photos on Folksy so I want to make sure mine are good.

The plan for the list is to put the date up every time I add new things to it. Then when I complete one of them I will write a post on it and remove it from the list. All the project posts will be available in an archive once I figure out how to do that hehehe

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