Thursday, 11 November 2010

Remembrance day

Image courtesy of News of the restless

Today is Armistice day. I've always honoured the 2 minutes silence as I think that those who have died in our armed forces and their families deserve a moment of respect. I am incredibly anti war but this does not mean that I cannot appreciate the individual sacrifices. During the 2 mins I try to reflect not only on the service folk but the civillians as well. People who have nothing to do with the conflict who lose their lives just because they are there. The people who are displaced, wounded or left without family.

Our little one asked us recently if we coudl have one wish what would it be. Spadger responded that he would like war to dissapear. Not that he wanted peace but that he wanted the concept of war to go. I couldn't agree more.

Today please spend a few moments thinking about the horrors we perpetuate upon our own species because we spend too much time focusing on our differences and not enough time appreciating that we are all the same. Look to your fellow man and love them today and everyday.

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