Thursday, 18 November 2010

Dedicated follower of fashion?

I've never been a fashion bug. What is hot this season does not define what I will be wearing. I am capable of leaving the house without make up on and with my hair scraped back.

I thought I would just get all that out of the way before I started this post :o) You see dear readers I am going though a funny phase at the moment. I suddenly have a great interest in what I am wearing. I've been looking at my make up box for the first time in years. I've been coveting shoes. I'm not sure what is happening to me. Now it's not like I'm going to go all Sex & the City on you all but I do feel a girly moment approaching. I think I can identify the things that have started it. Let me show you.

1) At the beginning of the year my office amalgamated with another. So we went from 2 blokes, me and our lady boss who is not girlie to us plus 1 other dude and 4 other women. Out of those women 3 are quite girlie.
2)My life is broken up into work, farm and evenings at home. None of these offer any real opportunity to dress up and none of them require a polished appearance.
3) I discovered this blog. I can't even remember what I was Googling for at the time. I am fascinated by her make up and a tad jealous as I've never been able to do anything half as interesting.

I used to wear make up everyday. Not a lot, I was never a full set of foundation all the time type of gal. But mascara and eyeliner played a mighty part of my life. I've never been trendy but I always liked clothes. I had going out clothes and casual clothes. Clothes for different occasions.

When my life changed and I started to think about my impact on the planet, living a more frugal life and all things like that, clothes and make up kinda went out of the window. I don't buy clothes now I make them. But I have been cautious not to over make. Mostly due to Spadger saying I can't make an outfit for everyday. Well why not? I feel at the moment that I am in a rut. I wear the same clothes week in week out. The sensible part of my brain says I should be grateful to have more than one outfit. It says, why do I need loads of choice? Why do I want?

The simple answer is I don't know. But I would like a bit more excitement in my wardrobe. I still plan on making it all or buying from charity shops. But I would like to get back into caring about what I wear. I also plan to get back into make up. I don't intend to wear it everyday but I'd like to learn a little bit more and start wearing it at times other than the rare occasions that we go out.

Has anyone else been through a point in their life like this? Please comform me that I'm not having some sort of midlife crisis!


  1. Nooo! That's EXACTLY how I feel just recently! My rational is that how I dress makes a difference to how I feel. And stuff that makes me feel better/calmer/smarter/more like Princess Leia (yup really)= a good thing.
    I don't think you have to be a fashion blog to talk about the pretties!
    I, for one, want to hear about your clothes/make up/shoes stuff!

  2. I can't say if you are or are not having a midlife crisis (how old are you?) :-) but I have these epiphanies from time to time. Almost a wake up call from the universe. Why do we ignore our physical beauty? We appreciate it in plants and other animals...why not in ourselves? I have been spending more time indoors lately, and by myself so makeup has slackened. I'm ready for a facial and some paint! I want to hear about what frosting you apply too.

  3. lol! You are far too young to have a midlife crisis!

    I think that clothes play a far more important role in how women see themselves, and how they view other women, than they do for men.

    I've always been quite in awe of ythe clothes that you make. I've enjoyed reading an American blog, where the lady who writes it has allowed herself $365 to wear a new (to her)item each day for a year. A lot of ideas on adapting charity / thrift shop finds.

    My goodness, the lady in the blog that you link to in this post is stunning!