Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Did I really need more exercise?

Ok guys, you remember me telling you about the epic clearing of the goat pens? Then the trek uphill on Sunday with 2 stone of flour in my backpack? You would have thought that I'd had enough exercise for the week right? Right??


Yesterday me, Spadger and our friend B~ helped our 2 friends S~ and N~ move a piano from the church up the road to their house. The church wanted rid of it and said they could take it for a small donation. They were so desperate to get rid of it that we had to move it last night or it was getting skipped. So in the pouring icy rain the 5 of us shifted the piano.

0.2 miles/321.868 meters/1056 feet/352 yards

That is how far we took that piano. We lost 2 casters on the way and had many people looking out of their windows at us as the remaining casters didn't turn well so there was a really nasty scraping sound. We did manage to get it there without damaging the piano or their house.

S~ and N~ then fed us a gorgeous homemade veggie curry and tiny little shop bought steamed puddings with custard. Man did we devour it! Today I am covered in bruises and so very tired. But it was a really fun night.

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