Monday, 22 November 2010

Ooh what to talk to you about today? I feel like writing but don't really have any idea what about. So be warned, this might be a bit random.

I had one of those really vivid dreams last night. You know the ones, you wake up and you can't forget it. I tend to have them about people I haven't spoken to in ages. Sometimes I'm still in contact with these people, in which case I usually drop them an email or a text. Sometimes they are people I haven't spoken to in years and I'm left with a deep sense of loss and wondering if they are ok. Last night's was about an old schoolfriend and thanks to the wonders of Facebook I was able to say hello.

I find dreams fascinating. I used to keep a dream journal when I was younger.I always found it amazing that the simple act of writing it down made me retain details for so long. I could re-read them and it would be fresh in my mind. I love the fact that dreams can either make sense or be surreal, be from your view point or 3rd person, remembered for months or forgotten before you've really woken up.

I've never had a repetitive dream but I do have repetitive places. I've never had a lucid dream but when I have a repetitive place I quite often realise I am dreaming I just can't control anything. I quite often get sleep paralysis. Mine is hypnopompic and it really is terrifying. I feel I can't breath and panic sets in. I know I'm asleep and just need to wake up and it's such a struggle to manage it. Occasionally this is linked to the hallucinations and I feel like I'm drowning or being suffocated. A bit mental really.

Ok so that was a bit of a wander. Told you it was going to be like that :o)

Ok more sensible topics, lets see. Tonight's plans are quite full. I need to make tea (chinese curry from scratch), bake bread, make cake and biscuits (before Spadger starts complaining), sew the 2nd muslin for my Christmas dress and then if it is still a descent time start cutting the rest of the patterns for Christmas presents.

Yeah, not much.

Spadger will be putting the finishing touches to my Christmas present so I can hopefully show you guys this week. I'm very excited but I think it will have to be hidden from me so I actually get on with the presents :o)

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  1. I think this post connects with your previous post from yesterday. I'm interested to see what happens and what you create next. :-)