Wednesday, 12 May 2010

a catch up

Hey folks.
I've been missing for a few days due to lack of sleep. On Sunday me, Spadger and my Momma went to a body art expo. It was the first one that had been organised by this group and as all 3 of us are into piercing and tattoos we thought we would go and support some local artists. It wasn't a great start at they were over an hour late opening the doors. Now I don't mind waiting for things but this meant the rest of the schedule was off. The only other complaint we had about the organisation was the lack of info on where things were happening. The main stage was easy to find but there were no signs or directions to all the other activities.

All the people we spoke to were lovely and both me and Momma had some work done. I got my conch pierced twice and Momma got a tattoo on her wrist. Spadger hadn't gotten around to designing a tattoo and him and piercings really don't get one. Every studio that was there had their own little space and they were set up following the same regulations as they would have in a shop. It was great to be able to wander around watching all these little pieces of artwork being made. There was only one place that had nay problems (IMHO). They had 3 artists working but had no one manning the front. So I don't know how they were taking bookings for the rest of the day or future ones. They lost my Momma's business because of this.

How is this related to lack of sleep? Well the 2 new piercings are in my right ear which is the side I normally sleep on. So I am trying my best to not sleep on that side as I know this will help the healing. Fortunately/unfortunately my body is taking this to an extreme and waking me up whenever I start to roll over to that side. Add to that Spadger sleeping diagonally across the bed and nearly pushing me out (I can't get mad at him. He sleeps so badly all of the time that I refuse to wake him up when he does this or when he snores. It just doesn't seem right) and you have one Girl with disturbed sleep.

Today my ear is quite red and swollen but this is fairly normal. I found a great quote here

"a new piercing WILL be angry for a while -
you just drove a metal rod through yourself & your body will react to

Amen to that. It's been nearly 10 years since I had a cartilage piercing and I had forgotten how uncomfortable they are. It's hard to describe really. They're not painful, not really. It's just a constant ache. They take quite a while to heal as well. But I have bought a couple of horseshoe rings to go in them when they finally do heal.

Right then, what else have I been up to? Well I bought a pressure canner today. I wont get it for ages though as it has to be shipped from America. Usually we are totally against bringing something so far but you just can't get them in this country. People in the UK don't can goods at home apparently. It was a mighty expensive purchase with about half the cost being shipping. But if I look at it in the long term it means I can enjoy fresh fruit and vegetables all year round. Hopefully a lot of which we will have produced ourselves. I'm quite excited.

I've been doing a lot of baking of late but I seem to have missed taking pictures of it all. I'm now about to embark on a round of savoury baking. Don't get me wrong, I love cake as much as the next person (possibly even more. How much do you like cake?) and I adore biscuits. But I really am a savoury person at heart. So I'm gonna try and make some little bread based snacks and scones. I also think I might have a go at sausage rolls now I can make pastry and I know the farm sells sausage meat. But that will be another day.

On the sewing front I finally sat down with George last night and finished sewing back together the red dress. I didn't measure the hem as I did it really so I get the feeling I might have made the lining longer than the dress so I need to look at that. I've also sewn together the extra panels for the dotty dress. It looks like I might still be cutting it a little fine bit I don't have any more material so we'll see.

Knitting wise I had to take all of Spadger's cardigan off the needles as I managed to cast on 11(!) stitched too many. I have restarted though and I am pretty certain I have the right number this time. I will be starting the birthday present for Spadgersdottier soon. I'll not spoil the surprise for you :o)

Ok friends I think that is us caught up. I'm off to take the last of the bread based snaks out of the oven and to start making a rhubarb cake to take to a friends tomorrow.



  1. The only piercing I have is my ears. I got them pierced when I was 15 and working as a nurses' aide at a hospital. Another nurses' aide pierced them for me with a suture needle and black cat gut. As Mama would say, they nearly rotted off. So no more piercings for me. No tats either, although my husband has 5. And the one on his back almost covers his entire back. sigh.

  2. Have I mentioned that I love your blog?? Sewing, sustainable living and now tattoos & piercing?! That's exactly my cup of tea! :)

    Body Art expos are a big nono for me - all that humming of the tattoo-machines gets me hot and bothered and I really have no more room for more tattoos *lol*

  3. Oh, a pressure canner! You lucky thing, I would love one of these!

    Hope the piercings good now. x