Monday, 24 May 2010

You know you're a farmer/gardener when....

You are cursing the rain clouds because they are disappearing!!!

So far this month approximately 2.3mm of rain. Last month there was about 23.9mm and the month before that there was around 69.8mm. So it's a bit dry this month. Our 2 water barrels are nearly empty and things are starting to look a little parched. About half an hour ago it got quite cold (ha!) and was really heavy of sky. Now I can see blue sky and the clouds are more white than grey.

Rain damnit!!!!

I am not a summer person as it is. The UK is a very sticky country when it gets warm. I'd rather be a bit chilly than 2 warm. I've not slept properly for nearly a week now due to the heat. And to top it all off I've worried about my fruit and veg.

Bring on Autumn!


  1. I'm wishing for rain, too. It's been muggy and nearly 90 degrees. WAY too hot for May, and it's making planting very uncomfortable. Hope your weather cooperates soon!

  2. Well you can have all the autumn you want on your island but I want my summer first! (we had three weeks of heavy rain falls here and it just turned nice two days ago...) But I totally know what you mean, it sucks to use water from the hose to keep your veggies alive...