Saturday, 8 May 2010

Duct Tape (woo ooh)

After much cursing about fitting during the sewing process we decided to make me a dress form. Now we did make a paper tape one a while back but we didn't let it dry enough before removing it so there was much sagging and alteration of size. Basically it didn't work! So we are moving onto the duct tape version. It isn't hard so will need stuffing (enter the winter duvet as we found the summer one + 2 blankets was enough to see us through the awful winter this year). I think it will also need covering in some kind of Jersey as sticking pins in gummy stuff = gummy pins. Not as much fun as gummy bears to be sure :o) Eventually we'll put it on some kind of stand but for the moment it will have a coat hanger to hold it up with. Most fitting issues for me are the bust area anyway so sitting it on the table will be ok for that.

Now not being one who wears t-shirts I don't have an old one to wear and sacrifice for this process. Instead I shall be stood in a bin bag. Yes a bin bag. I will look darn sexy!!! Hopefully the process won't take too long as I shall l be a bit cold and achey by the end of it. Standing still on a stool for a long time will hurt. I'm one of those folks who stand with all her weight on one hip and moves it around (yes I am aware that this is bad for me and my osteomyologist will hurt me if she finds out. It'll be our secret ok) .

Wow that was quite painful. You don't realise how many little movements you make until you can't! However now that Vera (Spadger named her) is completed all that is left is to stuff her and but the base on. This will be Spadger's realm. He also wants to put a pole through the middle so it will be freestanding rather than a coat-hanger as originally discussed.

Mission complete. Now we're off for POrt, Cake and the latest Dr Who.

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  1. Ha, that sounds familiar! My husband had a blast wrapping me up in duct tape, that's for sure (should I be worried?? ;)

    We also put some plastic bands in it, the ones that hold together a packet of coal-briquets for more stability.

    Unfortunately the end-result was not perfect, my boobs are more or less non-existent (even less than in real life *g*)... we might have to try it again some time.

    Oh, BTW - before you put it permanently on a stand consider that this makes it hard to put on clothes you would normally step into, like skirts or dresses. I have mine on a stand (christmas tree holder), and since I have got rather broad shoulders (all that farm work is paying off ;) I have trouble with elastic waistbands of skirts and such things...