Friday, 27 June 2014

365 - 19th - 27th

19th - Historical

St Stephen's church was consecrated on 25th September 1829. It's a lovely little church.

20th - Where I stand

Ready to cross the road on my walk home from work.

21st - Solstice

I worked the solstice but made time to celebrate it with cider after work.

22nd - Summer Silhouette

The sun seems to have left us now. Just the silhouette of raindrops left.

23rd - Under the Sun

Ok so I went to a dark place with this one. I blame the fact that the sun had disappeared. All things Under the Sun die. It's a fact I'm afraid.

24th - Explore

Spotted these 2 on my way home. I hope they are enjoying their explorations.

25th - Number 15

November 15th 1916, aged 25. It's no age to die in warfare!

26th - Have a Ball

Yes this one is blurry. Maude can be quite fast bless her ^_^

27th - In the Shade

We tend to keep the shades closed.

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