Monday, 23 November 2009

Pattern or Bust

I hate my bust. No really. I hate it. Ok so maybe it's a slight exaggeration. But there are moments when I really do. Take this evening for example. I am planning on making my dress for the Christmas party. I bought a pattern that is wide enough to go around the girls (dress pattern sizes are scary, just ignore the numbers!!!!) and the rest of me. I got some amazing fabric from the local retro/vintage place. The only problem now is the fact that my boobs are deep. I don't mean they read philosophy. I mean they have added 4 inches to the length of my pattern piece but only in the middle.


Now I have the 3D spatial awareness of a gnat so how to fix this is beyond me. So enter Spadger who not only redraws the pattern piece for me but also puts up with the smattering of tears from me as well. As I said, I hate them!

I do love sewing it's just the fitting things to my body that I hate. 32J boobs will throw out the measurements on any pattern. I think that instead of getting many patterns I shall just get s few versatile ones and learn to embellish and alter them. Because I really don't think I can cope with the disappointment of having to change a pattern too many times.

Ah well, enough of that maudlin rubbish. Look at the pretty fabric :o)

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