Thursday, 13 August 2009

The view from the Barn

This is the view from the Barn. What barn I hear you ask (well I do in my head anyway). A while ago me any Spadger when camping to a place called Jerusalem Farm near Halifax. It's great. In a valley, no phone reception, little river running along the site, nice pub at the top of the hill. And this Barn. I call it a barn but it's really a run down house. We took one look at it and decided that this is the kind of place we would like to live in. It has a decent amount of land around it but not too much. There would be space for crops, the animals we would like, a small orchard and a little pond. Heaven. In reality even if we could afford to go about buying a property and doing it up we have no way of finding out who owns it if anyone.
This view is taken from pretty much opposite the Barn so I imagine it would be really similar to standing at the wall at the edge of the property and looking out. This is my view to look at when things are getting me down and my dream of living in the Barn seems so very far away.

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