Friday, 7 August 2009

Too long between posts

Wow it's been a while since I posted. It's partly because I know that no one is reading it and partly because I feel a blog should have pictures and I've not had chance to sort any recently.

However I started this blog as a kind of journal so I really need to keep writing regardless. It has been too long since I did any serious writing. Longer still since I did any creative writing. Once upon a time I wrote poetry almost every day. Haven't done that in ages!

So what to talk about this time? Well I have been sewing like mad for the holiday. Pics will be coming on this as soon as I take them :o) I've also been knitting like a mad woman. I'm finally starting to master more interesting stitches. The only downside to this is that I have been neglecting my blanket. I started it about 4 years ago and gave up as I couldn't even master the purl stitch and just plain knit seemed a bit dull to me. However I have got the hang of it now plus mitered squares, the Trousdale square and many different patterns. Hopefully I will have it done for this winter. But not if I don't get back on with it!

I have also done a fair bit of baking. Home made bread buns which were a semi-success. They tasted ok but they were a little small and dense. I think I overworked the dough a bit. I was trying to adjust a recipe from dry yeast to activated in my defence.

I think that is me caught up for the mo. At some point this weekend I think I will try and sort some pics for future blogs so I don't leave it so long. But I will leave you with one I took a while ago at the local nature reserve. Nothing to do with my post but it is a nice pic :o)

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