Friday, 14 August 2009

Jammy jammy jam

Making jam is a great way to preserve fruit. It's even better when the fruit is free. We go brambling every summer and usually get enough fruit to see us through for the next year. We also have one blackberry bush in our garden. This year however the council seems to have "cleared" up where they grow so there won't be as much. However we found a wild apple tree on our travels which will come in useful.

Last year we had Damson jam from 2 trees in a piece of land opposite us. We were gutted when they started building on it earlier this year. To our joy though they have put a fence up around their property line and one tree is outside of that. The other tree overhangs some railings above the footpath and we found a huge windfall there the other day.

So I've made 4 tubs of jam so far, 2 of each kind. All for free :o) Gotta love it.

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