Monday, 10 August 2009

Indoor peppers

Quite a while ago a blogged about the radishes we were growing indoors on out windowsill. Well they didn't grow. I don't know what we did wrong but they put out plenty of leaf and then grew nothing underground! We were not happy.

However the peppers we are growing are doing really well.

There are 3 varieties that are growing at the moment. The beautiful purple peppers are my favourites as I love purple and I've never seen a purple pepper before.

The green ones seem to be the most bell shaped out of all the ones that are growing so these are our most "standard" peppers.

The creamy green coloured ones seem to be turning purpley red from the tip up to the top so I have no idea what colour they will end up.

I'm really looking forward to picking them and having a really fresh pepper. I also have to figure out what the best way of storing them is. I think it will be freezing but I'm not sure. maybe I'll have a go a drying one just to see how it works. Next year we will have more of them as they will be grown in the greenhouse we plan on getting soon.

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