Monday, 16 December 2013


Tis the season and all that. We are into the 12 days of Christmas and, all things willing, I will actually be putting up decorations this evening for the first time in about 8 years!! But for me Christmas is actually quite a sad time. I didn't lose someone at this time of year or anything horrible like that. Instead my sadness comes from all the people I meet. Let me explain.

Every single day I am presented with people. Some are wonderful, others less so. Deep down I know all these people have the potential to be amazing. To be kind and honest. To think of their fellow humans. To work together to make the world the fantastic place it can be. The problem is that most of the time people don't do that. People as a whole (not individual persons) are quite egocentric. We don't make eye contact or smile at the people we encounter. We put ourselves first. We assume someone else will be the one to make things better.

But at Christmas? Then we see people shine. They are kind to everyone. They give generously. They are nice to their friends and family and strangers alike. I look around every year in wonder at how damn wonderful people are. And then I get sad.

Surely this should fill me with joy I hear you all shout.

It does. Please don't mistake me. It really does fill me with joy. But if we were half as amazing all year round as we are at Christmas then the world would be the wonderful place we all wish it was.

I can't afford to give to charity all year round I hear you mutter. That's fine, no one is asking you to. But how about making eye contact with the cashier who served you today and saying thank you? Actually thanking them as a person not just saying thanks to the space of air to the left of their head.

But I can't be that nice all the time I hear you mumble. Why not? What does it cost you to try and be nice to everyone you're speaking to? What does it cost you to be patient?

Change is hard. I get that. But I would love to see everyone try to better themselves. Not next year. Not as a new year's resolution. But now. Right this instant. To reach out and connect with the people they see everyday. To bring a little bit of kindness into their lives. If you can do big acts then do them. But any Random Act of Kindness is a good thing. This little things add up. That person you made smile will likely go on to make others smile. And so on.

You are a wonderful person. Accept that as fact and live up to it ^_^

p.s. If you do want to donate to charity this Holiday Season I just added a text donation thing to my drive for MSF. You can donate £1, £2, £3, £4, £5 or £10. Or you can visit my page HERE

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  1. Deffo agree with this one. Something I have been trying to for a while along with a friend is a good deed as often as I can not just for people I know, but for strangers, hoping it will inspire them to show kindness to a fellow human being. Politeness and manners cost nothing.