Tuesday, 19 April 2011

The Nerd Wars catch up post

Hey all. So I've been missing for a while again. I know, I know. But I spend all day in front of a computer and just haven't been able to muster up the desire to sit at one when I get home. Forgive me?

I've decided to d a bit of a Nerd Wars catch up. I don't think I posted a single thing from the last round.

Challenge (Technical): POLYTECHS
For this one we had to combine another craft skill with our 4 sanctioned crafts (knitting/spinning/crocheting/weaving). I went with sewing and made a little bag, a handkerchief which I embroidered and then knitted a doll. I only got half points for this as it is unfinished.

Challenge (Scientific): CAPILLARY ACTION
Make something demonstrating capillary action. the example give was frost flowers so I knitted what is hopefully a baby hat using a lace pattern called frost flower. I say hopefully because it came out smaller than I would like. If not I have a cunning plan to turn it into a present for his Mama (yes Lisa this is you).

Challenge (Giving Geeks): WIP HELP
To help someone with a work in progress that they are unable to finish due to illness, age, it has been passed to you due to them passing away etc. I asked if I could do something slightly different by helping my friend knit many squares for a blanket. She is fairly new to knitting, the blanket was for a production she is running with a group she works with for adults with learning disabilities and the blanket will probably be donated to a homeless charity afterwards. This was accepted. I think the furious knitting of these squares was most likely responsible for my strained wrist.


Knit in public time. Show the non knitters what fun they are missing out on. In one evening I knitted in the Victorian tiled cafe at the library and at the bar where I was meeting friends before going out. I nearly knit at the ballet in the interval but the pattern was too complicated to just whip out.

Challenge (Team Spirit): IN LIKE A LION, OUT LIKE A LAMB

Make something inspired by an animal. I got on with making Spadgersdottier's birthday present thus avoiding the horror that is finishing it the night before like at Christmas. He is now hiding in a drawer :o)

Challenge (Intellectual): WARRIOR'S FRIEND
Craft a shield or something that shields. I made the 2nd sock to go with the one I made for the last round. Now you may remember that these socks were for me and I said it was a bit big. Turns out that a "bit" translates as not fitting my size 5 feet but fitting Spadger's size 10 feet. Ooops. The reason? My smallest needles were actually 2 sizes too big for the pattern. I thought the gauge was loose. Should've checked really. Ah well, he likes his new socks.

And that's about it. The 3rd and final round for this tournament has begun but I haven't entered anything yet due to resting my wrist. I have a few submissions ready now but the lack of computer love has meant me not posting them yet. I will do soon tough so keep posted for more yarn based goodies.

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  1. Wow!! Awesome! Youve been so busy!!!! Everything looks great.

    When baba gets bigger and I get more time, I'll have to get you to how me to knit properly.

    Such a cute wee hat!! Shame masters noggin is so damn big!