Wednesday, 27 April 2011

Colourful soap

I tried my hand a coloured soap again and this time it worked. We all remember the ill fatedgreen soap. Started out pretty green as per the post, faded to a barely there sickly colour. Most disappointing.

This time I have made 2 coloured soaps. I've had 2 jars of oil infusing for months. One with turmeric and one with paprika. The turmeric turns the soap a golden ochre colour. The paprika? Well have a look.

Yup, orange. Bright almost neon orange. I am so very pleased. The paprika was strained out of the oil before making the soap (stingy on the membranes me thinks!) while the turmeric was left in. You can see a little smear of turmeric if you look closely.

Next up is another attempt at nettle green and a surprise bar. What's that, you want to look at the orange again? Can't say I blame you :o)


  1. That is such a fantastic colour! Well done! x

  2. Nice!! Now you need some brain moulds ;o)